Union County Writers Club

"Supporting Writers of all Genres"


     The Union County Writers Club of North Carolina was formed in the fall of 1994 with the assistance of the Union County Arts Council.  The club was supported by a grant from the Grassroots Arts Program of North Carolina and the National Endowment for the Arts.  The organization's goal is to provide necessary tools to improve skills and heighten the writing interest of the Union County residents.  The UCWC strives to encourage talents by sponsoring workshops, lectures, critiques and readings.


Location change!

         For the months of January, February, March, & April 2020, our meetings will be held in Monroe at the Union Co. Public Library, the second Sunday of each month from 3:00pm to 4:30pm.  Any special meetings at any other location will be posted in the future. 

Our mailing address is Union County Writers' Club, Post Office Box 496, Monroe, NC 28111.

*New E-mail Address is : unioncountywritersclub@aol.com



    This is the current membership for our club.  The club is open to anyone who expresses a serious interest and appreciation for the development of stories, prose and poetry.  You also get the opportunity to mingle with writers of all genres at different levels.  Though, if you would like to be a member, membership dues are $20 per year ($15 - 65 and older).  Members receive a monthly newsletter, and discounts for workshops.  Dues can be payed at a club meeting or mailed to the following address:          Union County Writers Club, P.O. Box 496, Monroe, NC 28111   

2019-20 Members

Carolyn Elkins

Robert Hinson 

Barbara Johns

Darrell McCoy

Phyllis McManus

Randy Rayfield

David Helms

Witt Wittman (Honorary member)

Gary McPherson

Debby Griffin

Freida Edwards


Past members

Nancy Bezant

Leslie Bromfield

Tricia Campbell                                     

Joan Gauker

H. Mazzu

Phillip Morehouse

Adean Stephens 

Norma Williams

Ken Sykes

Carolyn Griffin

Anthologys', past and present:

 "Scripts and Scribes"  is the Club's 1st volume anthology.  It was published in 1997.  It is currently out of print, though a copy can be found at the Union County Public Library in Monroe. 

"Take Flight"  is the Club's 2nd volume anthology, which came out in early spring of 2008.  It is also currently out of print and it too can be found at the Union County Public Library in Monroe.

"All This Space" is the Club's 3rd and last published anthology to date.  It came out late in December of 2011.  It is also currently out of print, and can be checked out at the Union County Public Library in Monroe

Non-Profit Statement:

The Union County Writers Club is a non-profit group encouraging the art and skill of writing in Union County. Proceeds from sale of books, workshop fees, event registration and other functions that are sponsored under the name of the Writers Club is returned to the club to support its goal. No monies collected are used for individual member gain at these events.

A Show of Concern for Members:

     If a member is hospitalized or if an immediate family member passes away, call Carolyn at 704/283-6416.  If the answering machine picks up, identify yourself and give pertinent details.

Members Published Works:

  *  Philip R. Morehouse is a lifelong writer of many genres. He has recently released, "The Recluse", which is available on Amazon and Kindle.  He is expecting to publish "The Wanderer" and "Flash Back" by fall of 2012.

  *  Barbara Johns writes in several genres and self publishes.  They are, "NC's Ghostly Visitors", "Home Ground- Civil War Memories", "Coffee Time Poetry", "Lost in Hypnogogia", "Lonely Hollow- NC Mountain Tales.  She has several others she is currently working on.

  *  Robert Hinson has been a educator in public schools and colleges of North and South Carolina for over 25 years.  He is the author of 23 books.  These are a few, "The Henry Hall Wilson House Treasure", "Meeting at Elmo's: A Reunion With Jesse James", "Riddle From The Creek House Ghost", and "From the Pocket of a Poet Standing in the Rain".  He is also a part time publisher.

  *  Bill Fleming is a pastor, teacher, and writer.  He has completed writing two novels and one non-fiction book.  His first volume of poetry, "Echoes of the Inner Mountains"  was released by D-N Publishing.

  *  Randy Rayfield is a humorist, writer and catfish cook.  He had published a collection of his stories titled "Whittling & Wondering:  A Few Tall Tales and Short Truths".  Future work will be a cookbook with food stories and a history of the Chesterfield & Lancaster Railroad.  

  *Phyllis F. McManus has written five books and is currently working on a sequel for "The Southern Belle Breakfast Club".  She also writes short stories and poetry.  Her books can be found at Amazon.com, Kindle and Barnes & Noble.  She loves to travel and do publis speaking about her work.

 Phyllis F. McManus


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