Union County Writers Club

"Supporting Writers of all Genres"

 Meeting time for  2019

 The Club's meeting date for 2019 September, October, & November, will be at the Monroe, Union Co. Public Library, 3pm to 4:30pm, the 2nd., Sunday of each month,

Unless noted. 


 Olive Howie  Youth Poetry Contest

**Contest starts on September the 1st and ends November 30th.  See our Events Page for full details.


Annual Adult Literary Contest:

**Our Club contest, runs from Oct. 1st. to Dec. 31st.  For more information on this contest please see our Events page.

Congratulations to the following 2017 Olive L. Howie        Summer Youth Poetry Contest Winners

(Photo not available at this time.)

High School grades 9-12 winners are as follows:

1st.Place: Shyana Marvelle, Piedmont HS, poem: "Friendship in Reverse"

2nd Place: Shelton Lee Hebert III, Piedmont HS, poem: "Rap Songs These Days "

3rd. Place: Reagan Ponder, Piedmont HS, poem: "I Hate Poetry"

Honorable Mention: David McCallister, Piedmont HS, poem: "Nostromo"

Josiah Nealis, Piedmont HS, poem: "The Love Of A Mother"

Congratulations to the following 2016 Olive L. Howie        Summer Youth Poetry Contest Winners


                             Middle school grades 6-8 winners are as follows:

1st place: Madeline Wasulko, Weddington Middle School

Poem: “A Better Tomorrow”

2nd place: Jesse Handler, Marvin Ridge Middle School

Poem: “Life Is Like A Video Game”

3rd place: Madeline Wasulko, Weddington Middle School

Poem: “High School”

High school grades 9-12 winners are as follows:

1st place: Zaria Reep, Central Academy of Technology and Arts

Poem: “Flying To Freedom”

2nd place: Rachel Martin, Weddington High School

Poem: “Sleep”

3rd place: Alexis Handler, Marvin Ridge High School

Poem: “Ouixotic” 

  All poetry contest winners read their poems and were awarded “Winner” Certificates and “Winner” T-Shirts as well as enjoying a pizza party.

 A Special “Thank You” goes out to our continuing summer cooperate sponsor.

 Hinson Mechanical Company 


Annual Dues 2019

February is the month we pay our annual club dues.  Regular membership is $20.00 and seniors (65 and over) is $15.00.  Make checks payable to the Union County Writers Club.

Adult Literary Contest Winners

For 2016-17 Adult Literary contest winners are posted below.

Creative Non-Fiction:

1st place tie: "broken Trust" & "Love from Afar"- Barbara Johns

Short Fiction:

1st place: "A Reflection of Stars" - Nicole Verrone, Waxhaw, NC

2nd place: "Offerings" - Steve Gordy, Aiken, SC


1st place: "Earthbound" - Joy Rory, Monroe, NC

2nd place: "July's Poem" - Nicole Verrone, Waxhaw, NC


The 2015-16 Adult Literary contest winners will be posted at a later date.

Poetry :
1st place:  "War Zones" - Joy Rorie, Monroe
2nd place: "After the Storm" - Barbara Johns, Indian Trail
Short Fiction:
1st place: "People In Hell" - Colin Hickey, Charlotte
2nd place: "Ultra Coins" - Carolyn Elkins, Monroe
Creative Nonfiction:
1st place: "Fighting Ledbetters" - Barbara Johns, Indian Trail
2nd place: "The Needed Ingredient" - Joy Rorie, Monroe


For 2014-15 the Adult Literary Contest winners are posted below.

1st place: "Election Day"  Lisa Tolido, Marvin,NC 
2nd place: "If You Dare Take A Look"  Norman Bartee, 
Waxhaw, NC 
Honorable Mention: "Painted Memories"  Michelle Stephens, Waxhaw, NC 
Short Fiction: 
1st place: "Special Gift"  Phyllis McManus, Waxhaw, NC 
2nd place: "Third Shift"  Heather Bell Adams, Raleigh, NC
Honorable Mention: no selection

 Creative Nonfiction: 
1st place: "Arrival Gate"  Heather Bell Adams, Raleigh, NC 
2nd place: "Out of the Light"  Lisa Tolido, Marvin, NC 
Honorable Mention: no selection


2019-20 Officers

Gary McPherson - President

Carolyn Elkins - Vice President / Debby Griffin - Assisting

Jim Stegall - Secretary

Barbara Johns - Treasury

Darrell McCoy - Photographer/ Webmaster

Robert Hinson - Editor of Newsletter

David Helms - Historian


2016-17 Officers

Robert Hinson - President

Carolyn Elkins - Vice-President

Linda Hinson - Secretary

Barbara Johns _ Treasurer

Darrell McCoy - Club Photographer / Web Master

2015-16 Officers

Darrell McCoy - President

Carolyn Elkins - Vice-President

Joan Gauker - Secretary

Barbara Johns - Treasurer 

2014  Our Club's 20th Anniversary!

 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of our club.  From its start as an idea by a group of individuals who believe there were literary talent in the county until today, the club as served that purpose.  Over the years, we have seen membership up and down but always the spark has remained.  There has been projects and activities sponsored by the club. For this year we have again sponsored a summer youth poetry contest that has become an annual event.

 The club has published three anthologies, sponsored literary contests for short fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry.  It had helped local authors get published by establishing a writing press with ISBN numbers.  Annual literary events have brought in notable authors such as Ron Rash and Robert Morgan.  In a word, the club whether large or small,  has been active.

 Let us continue this tradition going forward for another 20 years.